Translation Services

In compliance with the SFT Code of Profesional Conduct, I translate your documents:
  • From English into French only
  • In fields of which I have excellent knowledge
To guarantee the utmost in quality, all my translations are systematically cross-revised by a second translator. For a quick quote, please fill in the contact form.

Main fields of specialisation

Economic and financial translation covers a broad spectrum ranging from stock markets to corporate news:
  • Stock exchanges, markets and financial products, banking, asset management, fund commentaries, annual reports, notes on the economic situation, economic outlook, economic theory, etc.
  • Management, human resources, corporate communication, internal policies, marketing, etc

Sustainable development
The theme of sustainable development cuts across several fields, which include:
  • Economics: social and solidarity economics, microfinance, consumer protection, etc.
  • Environment: natural resource protection, combating climate change, forest management, REDD+, etc.
  • Social: combating poverty and inequality, human rights defence, gender issues, etc.